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The Encore Program

Let us combine the Traditional Directory Program and Cutting Edge Technology to create a
Living Directory with more benefits than you can ever experience from a Conventional Directory.

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With the Encore Program you will have:
  • All the benefits of the Traditional Directory Program
  • The most current directory possible
  • A better representation of your church, more families
  • A current directory at members fingertips at all times
  • The ability to print your own current directories or use our Directory Update Service at any time
  • A powerful communication tool
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The Ultimate Directory Program:
Step 1: Choose the Directory Program that best Step 1: Choose the Directory Program that best meets your needs. MyChurch Plus or our Traditional Program

Step 2: MyChurch Photographs your families and creates a Print Directory for your church. (Picture of a directory)

Step 3: MyChurch creates an Online/Mobile Directory for your church (small image of Online/Mobile)

Step 4: Update images can be submitted by members, taken by a volunteer, a local studio or we can assist you.

Step 5: You update the Directory by uploading images and information into your Online/Mobile Directory or have us update your Directory.

Step 6: Members who use the Online/Mobile Directory have an updated directory as soon as you make changes. Members who want a updated printed directory can order a new directory periodically.

Bonus Option: Choose the MyChurch Plus Program you can also update your Ministry Brochure as needed.

Never do a directory again while having the most current directory possible.

Phone: 1-877-764-4535 x201