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How It Works
Step 1:
We provide all of the promotional materials you need to make your program a success. Posters, Bulletin inserts, announcements, ads for your bulletin PLUS email messages with links to our Online Signup and Phone Blasts to get the word out to ALL of your members.
Step 2:
Our 800 number is made available to your members to call in and schedule an appointment or members can go online and sign up. We will work with you to determine the other scheduling methods can work best for you.

Our staff will then make the reminder calls before photography as well as call all no shows during photography to reschedule them.
Step 3:
Our Photography Staff will photograph your members, help them select a pose for the directory and determine if they want additional portraits.
Step 4:
You will determine what you want in the Ministry Pages of your Traditional Directory or Ministry Brochure.
Step 5:
Our Staff will work with your volunteers to complete your directory, Brochure.
Step 6:
All portrait orders, including those that only wanted the complimentary 8x10, are sent directly to each family.
Step 7:
Directory is created. Printed books and Online/Mobile Links are sent to the church
Step 8:
Keep your directory and Ministry Brochure up to date with our update services

Phone: 1-877-764-4535 x201