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Having your Ministries and Family Pictures in the same book limits how
they can be used and the benefits you receive.

The MyChurch Plus Program gives you options you have never had before with the
fastest directory delivery available today.

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The MyChurch Plus Program

  • Family Album - Create a separate book dedicated to the families of your church giving your members the ability to put their directory where they can use it without hiding your Ministry Pages.
  • Ministry Brochure - Create a powerful Brochure of your church life to share with visitors and to provide to members for them to share their church with friends.
  • Ministry Fliers - Separate the Brochure into individual Fliers if that best meets your ministries needs
  • Update Program - Us our Update Service to given you an economical way to keep your Brochure and Fliers current and fresh

Instead of One Directory - Get Your Church Family Album PLUS an Updateable Ministry Brochure

Phone: 1-877-764-4535 x201