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Keep Your Directory And Brochure Current!

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Online/Mobile Directories:
  • Use our update photography services, upload your own images or let us assist you. Immediately, your families will have a current directory in alphabetical order on their Smartphones, Ipads and computers.
Printed Directories:
  • Order current directories at any time through our directory printing service or with our Encore program you have the option of printing your own directory. All changes you've made, additions and deletions will be reflected in your new directories.

Let Us Make Your Directory Be More Complete Than Ever Before.

MyChurch Plus Program: Ministry Brochure and Flier Update Options.
Your Ministry information changes on a regular basis making materials you create outdated. Let us keep your Ministry Brochures or Fliers current. As changes occur or you want to update the look of your brochures, send us your changes and we will update your materials with the first 2 hours of editing free. We will print the quantity you purchase for the next 6-12 months and ship them to your church.

Keep your materials current and fresh at all times!!

Phone: 1-877-764-4535 x201